Mission: To build resiliency and protective factors with regard to alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, and other substances by fostering collaborative action, education and support in Clinton County, with a special focus on youth.

Vision: Clinton County is a healthy, vibrant, safe and secure community that thrives together at home, at school and at work.

Welcome to our Clinton Substance Awareness & Prevention Coalition. Our coalition is a group of community members and agency partners concerned with the health and well-being of our neighborhoods and families.  Our group has a special focus on the prevention of drug, chemical, tobacco or alcohol use by youth, and in supporting “Protective Factors” that help young people resist risky behaviors in our schools or communities. Major funding of the “Coalition” is provided by the Mid-Michigan Health Network.

Coalition members contribute their time and effort to review and analyze data, promote effective programs, and advocate for educational curriculum in our schools that teach resiliency skills to youth.  Student leadership training, teaching refusal skills (for drugs, tobacco, alcohol) to youth, community surveys to measure youth attitudes toward drugs and alcohol are all examples of community initiatives supported by our Coalition.

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Sara Thelen

Sara Thelen

Drug Free Communities Coordinator
Clinton Substance Awareness & Prevention Coalition
Phone: 989-227-3140 • Fax: 989-224-4300

Heather Algrim

Heather Algrim

Clinton County Prevention Specialist
Designated Youth Tobacco Use Representative

Phone: 517-541-8913

Sara Wood

Sarah Wood

Clinton County Prevention Intern
Clinton Substance Awareness & Prevention Coalition



The Coalition meets via Zoom on the third Wednesday of each month at 10am-noon. The Coalition is made up of many community partners concerned with substance use prevention and treatment. All meetings are open to the public and we welcome your participation!